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Universally allowed qualifiers
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The qualifiers P2241 (reason for deprecation), P7452 (reason for preferred rank) and P4390 (mapping relation type) should automatically be valid for all properties. Specifically:

  • They should never trigger a constraint violation regardless of the "allowed qualifiers" settings on any specific property
  • Property creators should not have to specify them as allowed qualifiers when creating new properties.

We need to understand how this could be accomplished, whether through creating a new class of qualifiers called "universally allowed qualifier" or something similar or if it needs to be accomplished through the back end on these specific properties.

If feasible, it would be nice to have if setting <instance of> "universally allowed qualifier" on a qualifier-property would allow an editor to add other qualifiers to this list.

See support discussion at

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This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement (though I’d strongly favor a version where the universally allowed qualifiers are just a static list in the extension configuration – a class statement on the property entities would be a lot worse for performance), but it might not happen soon. In the meantime, it might help to add those qualifiers to “allowed qualifiers” constraints explicitly, e. g. by plugging the results of this query into QuickStatements.