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Asterisks in card # field make donors think their number is autofilled
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Over the past 4 months we triaged a specific error where donors would report that they added all their personal and card details to the donation form, but that the Donate button would stubbornly remain grey and inactive. They were often also alarmed that the Cancel button would be marked in red.

It turns out that these donors were confused by the asterisks in our card number field

into thinking that their card number was already entered, either because they use Autofill or Chrome, or because they assume that the WMF somehow stores their card number in the form. We finally got some donors who said "Oh, I didn't manually enter the #s".

I think we can improve in this aspect of the form. Another nonprofit uses this:

which has the downside of being English-specific, so it would need to be translated. I have also seen card number fields use 1111 1111 1111 1111 to prompt the donors to enter the card number.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can discourage donors from thinking that their card numbers are already in the form?

The Zendesk tickets related to this include:

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