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Duplicated fields in the "git" index which only differ in capitalization
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Some fields seem to share identical values and the field name only differs in capitalization, e.g. Author_org_name vs author_org_name. This was a bit confusing when a colleague wondered which of the fields to select.

bitdup.png (2×435 px, 145 KB)

Not sure how this happened, was wondering about another side effect of switching from gerrit production to gerrit-replica due to T234328, like T241235 was already, but that was about gerrit while this is about git.

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Quoting reply by Bitergia's Valerio:

<tl;dr>: Author_org_name stores the same info of author_org_name. The latter are used in the current visualizations and are the ones that should be used to build new visualizations.

During the enrichment phase of a git commit, the Git enricher collects identities data about the author (stored in the Perceval Author field) and committer (stored in the Perceval Commit field) [1]. For each of these roles, ELK asks SortingHat for data about the corresponding profiles and adds their values to enriched fields with the following structure <role>_username, <role>_email, <role>_org_name, etc. Thus, the enriched item will contain fields like Author_org_name and Commit_org_name. Furthermore, since the attribute Author is also defined as the author of the commit [2], ELK will include enriched fields with the following structure author_username, author_name, author_email, ... and author_org_name. These fields contain the same information of Author_username, Author_name, etc.



It's not a bug and there is no plan to remove them ATM.

This is now also covered in