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Revise folder structure for Ekonomi (and Kontor)
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During 2019 we came across a few issues with the current structure used on Drive and Nextcloud. With the yearly (privacy) data purge some of these issues were found to further hinder our work. The start of a new year is the right time to ensure 2020 at least uses the correct structure.

The goal of this task is to propose a new structure and to spawn subtasks for updating the structure. [This relise on T242866: Decomission]

full notes

The new suggested structure (affecting Ekonomi and Kontor) is

  • Ekonomi
    • 2019
      • Budget 2019
      • Bankpapper 2019
        • Mapp per bank
      • Ströfiler/mappar som inte systematiskt återkommer
    • Dokument_som_inte_är_årsbundna
      • Budget
      • Aktiva årsöverskridande filer
  • Personalakter
    • André Costa (example)
      • Inga specifika undermappar men filer påbörjas med datum enligt ÅÅÅÅMMDD-
  • Diarium
    • 2020
      • Mapp för var diariepost med flera filer (se Diarium för ny namnsättning)
      • Individuella diarieposter som filer (se Diarium för ny namnsättning)
  • Kontor
    • 2020
      • Arbetsmiljö 2020
          • Progress Report 2020
        • Impact Report 2020
        • Integritetsrensning 2020
    • Dokument_som_inte_är_årsbundna
      • Arbetsmiljö
      • Aktiva årsöverskridande filer

There should be no files or sub-folders other than the ones mentioned above under any of Ekonomi, Personalakter, Diarium, Kontor

Event Timeline

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE Any good ideas about where to document this?

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE Any good ideas about where to document this?

Probably somewhere around Ekonomiska rutiner on the wiki.

Left to do in this task is

  1. Document this decision/conclusion on wiki (e.g. subpage of wmse:Ekonomiska_rutiner)
  2. Set up sub-tasks for the implementation of each re-structure
  3. Decide on appropriate access levels for each folder (in particular Personalakter)
  4. Add clarified examples of what ends up where (see full notes)