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Add Widar tools to AutoEdits
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Currently, only QuickStatements of the Wikidata Remote Editor is in the list, having an own edit tag. In the meantime, tools like Petscan are not recognised as automatic tools.

Only certain tools have own tags or hashtags in summaries. That means all edits but those identified as done by one of the subtools with a way of identifying them and having the tags OAuth CID: 25, OAuth CID: 484, OAuth CID: 29, OAuth CID: 68, OAuth CID: 93, or OAuth CID: 378, should be recognised simply as “Widar edits” (although maybe Tabernacle and Reasonator should be excluded, see separate task).

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1234qwer1234qwer4 renamed this task from Add Widar tools to Auto Edits to Add Widar tools to AutoEdits.Jan 19 2020, 11:20 AM

@1234qwer1234qwer4 Unfortunately, we can't tell AutoEdits to look for edits that have a tag but don't have other tags or match some regular expression. I don't see a strong need for it, anyway, since it seems Widar is an interface to edit Wikidata, and not by itself a "tool", per se?

We can get the others added, though. I should mention that on Wikidata it's not uncommon for users to have made many millions of edits, so for performance reasons AutoEdits won't work on these accounts anyway :( We should still add prolific tools like these, as it's nice to have a comprehensive reference for use by other tools:

Yes, I agree. As said, some of the semi-automatic tools for it don't leave means of identification except for the tag that the edit was made with Widar, but I guess we can't solve that.

MusikAnimal moved this task from Automated Edits to Complete on the XTools board.

Okay, so I will mark this as declined, then. We'll add any other tools that can be identified beyond the Widar tag. Thanks!