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Should Tabernacle be viewed as an automatic tool?
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Tabernacle shows labels, descriptions, aliases and properties of items chosen by a SPARQL query in a table, from where they can be edited. I'm not sure whether or not it should be considered a semi-automatic tool.


Name of tool: TABernacle

Links to example edits: 1, 2

Link to the tool's documentation or homepage:

Adds #tabernacle hashtag to the edit summary in addition to the generic Widar tag (see supertask).

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Jony moved this task from Backlog to Automated Edits on the XTools board.

@1234qwer1234qwer4 Sounds like there is some semi-automation that leads to the edits, and they have an identifiable edit summary, so I would say it's a semi-automated tool.

We can also make AutoEdits count these edits, but still show them in the list of non-automated edits. We do this for instance with ProveIt, which is a semi-automated tool but it allows you to do arbitrary content editing, so we can't consider the whole edit to be semi-automated. Would it make sense to do this for Tabernacle? You would know more than me :)

I'd say it should be treated like ProveIt.