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Growth team - Mentor audit
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Ambassadors to check the mentors activity and tell inactive mentors that they are going to be removed.

  • Step 1: look through all the list of mentors, and note down whether they are (a) active on wiki, (b) answering newbie questions
  • Step 2: if inactive on wiki, just remove from list of mentors.
  • Step 3: if active, but not answering newbies, ask why and whether they want to still be a mentor. If no answer from these people, remove from list.
  • Step 4: if they are answering newbies, thank them or give them a barnstar!

When done, please report the number of inactive mentors so that we can think about recruiting more.

  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese

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After sending out mass-messages asking experienced editors to become new mentors as @Trizek-WMF and I have agreed to do, we have 2 more editors registering to be mentors. So now Vietnamese community have a total of 7 active mentors.

Care to define the definition of Activity?

I can think of two definitions:

  • Activity as in general activity (including actions outside mentoring)
  • Activity as in mentoring activity (excluding actions outside mentoring)

Also, how long does it take people to be considered inactive?

Care to define the definition of Activity?

Activity with newcomers.

If they are not taking care of newcomers while they have a more general activity, it is as much an issue as them being inactive. We need to know why they are not taking care of newcomers - we aren't judging them, we just need to know why they are not responding. Maybe they need help? Maybe they don't feel being legit? Maybe they haven't understood why people are messaging them?

Also, how long does it take people to be considered inactive?

Very good question. I would focus on people who said that they retire, or who are not active since 1 month with no clue about their possible returning.

Don't forget to thank people who are active. Let's encourage people! :)

Hello, since I'm too lazy to do the auditing manually, I wrote a small script for that ( If used at non-Czech wikis, it would need some tweaks (detection for questions at line 26 and signatures at line 11), but that shouldn't be too hard.

My results are posted at For interpreting the results, it's necessary to know the data are valid for their current talk pages, many questions are archived now.


  • One user generally inactive, removed.
  • Two users are not responding to questions:
    • 책읽는달팽 (R) is not responding to the question left @ 2019-11-28 and onwards. Had not edited for a while, except 3 edits on January. Should this be considered for immediate removal or followup?
    • 호로조 (H) has not edited since end of 2019, and question dated 2020-01-10 is awaiting response. Will follow up.
  • Otherwise they had not received a question (because they recently signed up) or they are responding in a resonable timeframe.
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