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Enhance the user experience in trimming the video.
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VideoCutTool aims to trim and crop on fly videos in Wikimedia commons, This tool is to perform trim, crop, rotate and audio disability and hosted in Wikimedia toolforge.

Check the tool here:

Steps to Install

Steps to reproduce

  • Give the video URL in the VideoCutTool (say eg: Video) and click on the play button
  • On selecting the Trim Video button, VideoTrim Settings are displaying below the Step2: Preview my changes which seems not so great to use by the users.

Change VideoTrim Settings position above to the Step2: Preview my changes and make them easier and more user-friendly to trim the videos.

Note: As the video encoding takes lots of time, prefer to select the videos having the lesser size and length fore testing (eg: videos having length around 1min).

Code repos:

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Hello @Gopavasanth I am interested in working on this task

Hi @lallit97, Please feel free to assign yourself to this task :)

Okay @Gopavasanth. I will raise a pull request soon :)

Change 569217 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lalit97; owner: Lalit97):
[labs/tools/VideoCutTool@master] src/components/home.js: Change 'VideoTrim Settings' position above the 'Step2'

Change 569217 merged by Gopavasanth:
[labs/tools/VideoCutTool@master] src/components/home.js: Change 'VideoTrim Settings' position above the 'Step2'