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Archive DeepCat and CatGraph related code and boards
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Due to the end of CatGraph and DeepCat we should archive the code bases ( or add at least a hint ) and the boards connected to these services.

Catgraph and DeepCat-Gadget


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For your information, the gadget is already gone via T243101: Remove DeepCat gadget on Wikipedia(s). I went to the DeepCat-Gadget board and closed all remaining tickets. Most of them as "declined", because the code of the gadget does not exist any more.

I did not touched any of the Catgraph tickets. I wonder if @jkroll want's to keep some of them? @WMDE-Fisch or @Tobi_WMDE_SW, maybe you are able to tell us a bit more about the remaining tickets?

I just talked to @Tobi_WMDE_SW and invalidated all tickets with the Catgraph tag. We also decided on archiving the tag.

Aklapper added a subscriber: Aklapper.

Removing Project-Admins as Phab cleanup part was done. This should be under Projects-Cleanup instead and ideally follow its template if applicable.