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templatelinks table on Commons SQL database is not updating properly
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Template:Information/author_processing was retired on November 11 2019, when Template:Information switched to Lua version. However now two months latter there are still 28,836,449 entries in templatelinks table on Commons SQL database, indicating number of templates transcluding that template. That number can be looked up several different ways:

After retiring the template the content of the template was replaced so the only thing it does now is to add c:Category:Pages using "Information/author processing" template. That category reminded empty since its creation.

There is similar issue with c:Module:Date which was exported to many wikipedias under name Module:DateI18n. For consistence, the template was renamed and all the templates using the old name were corrected in April 2019. However according to c:Special:MostTranscludedPages it is still "used on 16,467,713 pages". We do have c:Category:Pages_using_Module:Date to track those pages (added by the module to all pages calling it), but it is mostly empty.

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@jcrespo maybe you can point this in the right direction?

Hi, @Multichill,

I might be able to tell you who to contact: [disclaimer- please note DBA take care only of server maintenance, things like "are databases up?" "Do al nodes have the same data on them?" "Do developers have enough servers?", but cannot help with debugging mediawiki-related bugs (e.g. we don't handle Wikimedia-database-error tickets)].

I believe the Contributors-Team are the right team to rise bugs on edit-related issues (specially parsing ones) and the team taking care of editor needs. :-D Please add their tag and provide all information to them. If they need technology teams' support they will be the ones to ask further. Cheers.

Adding Contributors-Team per above suggestion.

I looked up the number of transclussions of Template:Information/author_processing and Module:Date at and the numbers dropped in last month:

  • from 28.8M to 26.7M out of original 53M, for Template:Information/author_processing
  • from 16.5M to 15.6M out of original ~53M for Module:Date