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Add FRWIKI support to WikiWho
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Add FRWIKI support.

Reported upstream to the WikIWho API :

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Aklapper renamed this task from Add FRWIKI support to Add FRWIKI support to WikiWho.Feb 4 2020, 12:32 PM

Really, this entire project relies on an external API fed by a script which reads from the XML dump? How is this supposed to scale?

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Considering T288840 was closed almost half a year ago, I don’t see any reason anymore for this task to be stalled.

Considering T288840 was closed almost half a year ago, I don’t see any reason anymore for this task to be stalled.

Correct! I think frwiki is first in line based on the age of the request, and I believe we have enough disk space to do it. However that will have us close to what we can support with the current storage capacity, so it may be wise for us to request expansion of our Cipher storage first to allow room to grow. @Ragesoss What do you think? I don't know how 'elastic' the Cipher storage is, i.e. if we need to spin up a new instance and backfill all the old data along with new frwiki data, or if we can expand our existing Cipher node without causing downtime. But either way I think it may be time to get this conversation going. Related, Community Tech has received a few requests from Wikimedia Italy to add itwiki, even with financial backing, but I don't think money is the issue here.

I was thinking, rather than expand the existing Cinder volume, it might make sense to mount separate volumes for other languages. We probably want to request more max storage, but spreading it out more would mean we don't have to mess with the volumes that are already working.

PR merged, now we're just waiting for the initial import to finish. It looks like this will take around a day to finish.

MusikAnimal changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Apr 26 2023, 6:58 PM

Import finished, but I'm still investigating if new changes are correctly being picked up by EventStreams.

MusikAnimal added a project: User-notice.

PRs merged. The update to the Firefox Add-On is already live, and the Chrome extension should be updated within a day or two. I'll push the update to XTools in the coming days as well. I don't think this needs much for QA so closing as resolved!

I also added a note to Tech News.