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Show the "Constraints" section even if it is empty
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According to the 2020 report on Property constraints (T244043):

Most unconstrained Properties (2%) represent cases in which it was forgotten to define constraints or ignored that it was necessary to do so. This could be related to the fact that the web user interface does not require or suggest the addition of statements, and constraints in particular, when creating a Property, nor shows the constraints section when there are no statements with P2302.

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I'm wondering if we should always show empty sections - a similar thing happens with identifiers on items. Hmmmm.

Maybe. In the case of constraints, the section should never be empty and there is only one Property to define constraints, property constraint (P2302), but in the case of external identifiers it's harder to know which property to use (if any) and an empty section isn't necessarily wrong.

Placeholders can be useful. Related: T118267.