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Administrators cannot accept/unaccept revisions
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See enwiki VPT thread.
I tested it to accept and it worked for me, but not for the reporting editor.
I have received a Permissions error page atleast once in the past stating only Pending changes reviewers and Editors could carry out the action.
I tested it to unaccept this revision and it did not work for me. I granted myself the PC right to unaccept it and could then unaccept and accept the change just fine.
The diff also says "Accepted by Cyphoidbomb" although it should say "Automatically accepted" as they are a privileged user (administrator).
Edit: Adding WM-site-requests in case there is a local wiki configuration error somewhere.
I'm guessing this can be resolved by adding Administrators in the usergroups necessary but that should also be the usual for all wikis (I presume).
Edit: Added PC userright and everything looks okay. Just removed it and the accept/unaccept box is gone (presuming lack of permissions) but I had the box before as an administrator without PC. It also appears sometimes with enough refreshing and diff-searching and I cannot accept or unaccept, specifically this edit.