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CX duplicates section segmentation logic
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Parsoid segments documents into "mw sections" (i.e. heading-to-heading sections, as provided by edit-section links) as defined in the spec:

When this was first implemented CX had no use for these so the tags were stripped:

Now CX is trying to support section editing, but is doing so by re-implement heading-to-heading section markings using class names:

A much cleaner approach would be to restore this Parsoid sections and use them to implement section editing, in the same way the full page article editor does.

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This task is a follow-up to T234323:

server-side section editing will give you less performance gains than you might think (if you are using attachedRoot instead): T206228#5330185. Parsoid HTML download is usually not a bottleneck, and more time is spent building and rendering the CE tree than the DM.

Does attachedRoot allow to use multiple adjacent <section>s or we need to wrap those which define a range between two <h2> headers?

We still haven't decided on a level of granularity we want for section translation, but for initial exploration, I went with a larger set.

I don't think I explained this clearly in my first reply. The Parsoid DOM spec wraps all editable sections in <section> tags. An editable section starts with any <hN> tag and continues until the next heading of the same or lower level. That means every h2-h2 section will have a <section> tag wrapping it and for most articles this will just be the root level <section> tags (edge case would be if an <h1> was used, or an <h3> without a preceding <h2>).

Using these root level <section> tags will give you exactly the ranges you require and they can be fed into the attachedRoot of VE.