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Multiple links on MediaWiki throwing : Fatal exception of type "TypeError"
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Steps to Reproduce:
Go to
Click on "Get Extensions" or "Contribute" or "FAQ" etc. in the sidebar
However, if you refresh the page, the error goes away.

Exception ID: XjrqvApAIC4AAGbYhCMAAABM

Link to kibana error:*/logstash-deploy-2020.02.05/mediawiki?id=AXAWJPTSarkxubcmtOZw&_g=h@44136fa

"Argument 1 passed to Title::getLanguageConverter() must be an instance of Language, instance of StubUserLang given, called in /srv/mediawiki/php-1.35.0-wmf.18/includes/Title.php on line 207"

Actual Results:

Fatal exception of type "TypeError"

Expected Results:

Directed to page.

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This is duplicate of T244300. A hotfix has been made already.

(If anyone is sure that this is a duplicate, then feel free to Edit Related Tasks...Close As Duplicate in the upper right corner. Thanks.)

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