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Request for +2 access to mediawiki-config
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Gerrit username: Ppchelko
Repository: operations/mediawiki-config
Reasoning: I'm a WMF employee and MediaWiki deployer, so to do config deploys I need to +2 mediawiki-config patches.

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MarcoAurelio subscribed.

Pinging SRE people as this is normally done during SRE onboarding when getting deployment or higher.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-02-05T22:07:26Z] <mutante> Gerrit - added ppchelko to 'wmf-deployment' Gerrit group (he is already in deployment admin group) (T244389)

As @MarcoAurelio points out this normally goes together with getting the deployment admin group. Petr is already a member of that (and various other shell admin groups).

Added him to the "wmf-deployment" group in Gerrit. This group has access to submit commits in operations/mediawiki-config (in addition to ops and jenkins-bot).

@Pchelolo This should work now.