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Requesting access to sites from Google Search Console
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REQUEST: I will need access to desktop and mobile sites from the Google Search Console for the following wikis:

  • EN.wikipedia
  • ES.wikipedia
  • DE.wikipedia
  • FR.wikipedia
  • JA.wikipedia
  • CH.wikipedia
  • AR.wikipedia

I have a signed NDA on file.
REASONING: I am supporting the Audience Engagement/Marketing team with data analysis on the Reader Lifecycle project we are working on.

I will need GSC access to determine impacts on search and impressions.
The project begins in USA and will eventually expand to other markets. Thus, I will need access to the above language wikis.

DURATION: end date: January 2021

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@ahemmer is @CGlenn's manager; pinging him for approval.

@kzimmerman Hi, in OITs LDAP record the manager is neither of them but listed as "dzierten". That's the only place we can check though. Should this be fixed in OIT?

@jijiki no worries!

@Dzahn CherRaye originally reported to dzierten before ahemmer was hired. So now I believe the reporting structure is cglenn > ahemmer > dzierten (all in the Comms department; I'm in Product). Yes, the OIT record should be updated; if the manager needs to fix it, please let @ahemmer know.

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Access has now been provisioned please reopen the ticket if there are any issues, thanks