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Evaluate reliability of #DiscussionTools on target wikis
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T243621#5849553 will enable us to test DiscussionTools on specific talk pages, prior to DiscussionTools being enabled for the entire wiki.

This task is about using DiscussionTools on a to-be-defined list of target wiki (T233627) talk pages to ensure the comment parser (T232780) is working reliably. [1]

Open questions

  • What talk pages should we test DiscussionTools on? These should be talk pages that contributors use heavily so we can be relatively confident these pages contain a large percentage of the conventions contributors use across the wiki.


  • List the links of the talk pages we will test DiscussionTools on
  • Document what – if any – issues the comment parser has in properly detecting talk page comments

  1. "Reliable": we have set the acceptable failure rate at 0.5%. Meaning, for the purposes of this check, we will consider the comment parser to be "reliable" if <1 in 100 talk page comments are being detected incorrectly.