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Canonical wikistats v2 URLs should be permalinks to the period the graph is referring to
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Consider the following scenario:

I go to|line|2-year|~total|monthly and figure out certain trend in the development of the number active editors on a community mailing list.

If I send that link as-is, it seems to me that it will always refer to the "last 2 years" - so when viewed, say, a month later, the timelime will shift so the graph will not be the same.

When I set the fixed timeline (say Apr 2018 to Jan 2019) the URL changes to point only to that period (a permalink):|line|2018-04-07~2019-01-01|~total|monthly

  • There are two use cases:

    1. I want to link to the functionality of getting last two years worth of active users of pl.wikipedia
    2. I want to a particular dataset I am seeing

    I think the second use case is more prevalent and should be how the URLs behave

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    fdans added a subscriber: fdans.

    This was the previous behavior. We decided that it made more sense from a user's perspective (based on our users' feedback) to have the sliding/relative timerange by default when entering a metric.