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Update php-xdebug to 2.9.2 in apt.wm.o component/php72
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The same T221923: Please import php-xdebug to apt.wm.o component/php72, but to fix T220406: Package XDebug 2.9 for, as the current version of PHP 7.2.26 (T241224) does not function properly with XDebug 2.7.0.

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Note that this would also help with T234020 (T234020#5795469 in particular).
OTOH, if you need xdebug for code coverage only, you might be interested in T243847.

jijiki triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 10 2020, 11:49 AM
jijiki added a project: serviceops.
jijiki added a subscriber: MoritzMuehlenhoff.

Hi folks, could we get this added to our repo?