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ImageMap extension error message Error: Image is invalid or non-existent should give more details.
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While trying to debug the issues with the GraphViz mediawiki extension see being broken by recent changes in MediaWiki e.g. change the image table I ran into the followup problem of getting an error message:

Error: Image is invalid or non-existent.

With two recursive greps i found that the message comes from ImageMap.php and that it has a few identical code lines of the type:

return self::error( 'imagemap_invalid_image' );

This kind of error handling IMHO needs a few improvments.

  • it should be clearly visible that the issue is from the ImageMap extension
  • it should be stated what the details of the problem are e.g. which of the multiple error reasons is the one that led to the problem
  • there should be a clear hint to what is suggested to fix the problem
  • there should be a clear hint on where to find more information on the issue - e.g. at least a link to the extension.