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Evaluate options for non-root operations with cumin and spicerack cookbooks
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In order to reduce the requirement of being root to be able to run cumin or spicerack cookbooks as part of this Q OKRs, this task is focused on the auditing part of the existing requirements and then on the proposal of possible improvements.

Current Requirements


Some preconditions:

  • To execute commands we need a local user, so we we need to tweak the admin module to create a user without deploying an SSH key

We can however use group-based matching in the OpenSSH config to control _who_ is allowed to log into a server via Kerberos The users which are locally created by the admin module can be added to a local Unix group like "krblogin". Users in that group can then be matched and redirected to a ForceCommand execution, e.g.

Match Group krblogin
     ForceCommand /usr/bin/cumin-login-wrapper

The $COMMAND passed by the user is accessible by the cumin-login-wrapper as $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND. The wrapper can perform a check whether a user
is allowed to execute the given command and do so if permitted.

This allows for a setup where people SSH to the Cumin hosts and then run e.g.

cumin-nonpriv 'sudo systemctl restart dhcp'

This would internally execute a SSH login using Kerberos running "ssh -K $DESTINATIONHOST $COMMAND"

(The use of the wrapper isn't strictly necessary, but still seems useful to allow full logs of executed commands, better error reporting to the users (e.g. in case a ticket has expired) and it provides a method to restrict kerberized SSH logins to a whitelisted list of commands (which we can generate from a common Puppet structure along with the sudo rules) and restricting a user from logging into the host itself.)


Read access
  • /etc/spicerack
  • /srv/deployment/spicerack
  • /etc/phabricator_ops-monitoring-bot.conf
  • /etc/cumin/
  • /etc/conftool/
  • /etc/debmonitor.conf
  • /root/.ssh/new_install # SSH key to ssh into the debian-installer
Write access
  • /var/log/spicerack
Accounts/network access
  • AuthDNS
    • A:dns-auth hosts on port 5353
  • Ganeti
    • Ganeti RO API account (ro_user user)
    • ganeti01.svc.$DC.wmnet:5080
  • Debmonitor
    • Debmonitor RW on all hosts access (implicit for spicerack being run from a proxy host, hard to make RO only for some)
    • debmonitor.discovery.wmnet:443
  • Netbox
    • Netbox RW API account (sre_bot user)
  • Phabricator
    • Phabricator RW API account, no special privileges (ops-monitoring-bot user)
  • Logging (tcpircbot for !log)
  • Conftool (etcd)
    • etcd RW account (root user)
    • conf*.$DC.wmnet:4001 # SRV targets for _etcd._tcp.conftool.$DC.wmnet
  • Prometheus
    • prometheus.svc.$DC.wmnet/ops/api/v1/query
  • Elasticsearch
    • search.svc.$DC.wmnet:{9243,9443,9643} # Search clusters elasticsearch API
    • relforge*.$DC.wmnet:{924,9443} # Relforge elasticsearch API
  • Redis (to be removed soon?)
    • Redis password
    • mc*.$DC.wmnet:6379 # Redis clusters
  • Selected cookbooks (reimage/decommission/ipmi-password-reset)
    • management password

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Possible improvements
  • Netbox
    • Have 2 config files in /etc/spicerack/netbox/, one RW and one RO with different permissions.
    • Change Spicerack.netbox() to accept a write=False param and load the appropriate file based on that.
    • Update the cookbooks that require to write on netbox to use write=True.
  • Various spicerack modules that use Remote (cumin) and require root might self-detect if they are running with less privileges and bail out at instantiation time instead of failing in the middle of the execution.
  • conftool/etcd: implement T97972 and adapt spicerack accordingly, possibly having multiple config files with different permissions like the above proposal for Netbox.
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