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Prefer relevant unit suggestions over other entities for MediaInfo statements
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T239474 will add support for units to the quantity input type.
The units autocomplete will make it possible to search for items to act as unit, but not all of them make as much sense.
E.g. when looking up "cm", you're way more likely to want to use "centimeter" as a unit, than "Cameroon".
The autocomplete should boost some items that are good candidates for units.

See T312962 for the Wikibase equivalent of this.

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It might be possible to use the unit conversions (UnitStorage interface) for this – any item with a unit conversion from (centimeter) or to it (meter) is probably a useful unit.

Ah, I didn't notice above comment.
Above link was a list of items with a "unit symbol" property, but unit conversion (P2370 or P2442) makes just as much sense.

I think the unit conversions are also ultimately derived from the Wikidata statements (rOMWCa15236c286d8: Add more units for conversion indicates a maintenance script), but I don’t know the details. I just think it would be nice to avoid an extra config if we already have the unit conversions (but up to you, of course).

Multichill subscribed.

F31552245 is a nice mock up.

When adding a unit, we want to have suggestions that make sense. That makes me think of . Isn't that extension suitable to also suggest what units to add? That would also solve the Cameroon problem on Wikidata.

This task was mentioned in the Bug Triage Hour at the Wikidata Data Quality Days 2022.

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