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[wmf.18] Suggested edits - when filters are changed, "No suggestions found" briefly displayed when a user navigates between articles
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The issue is present on cswiki (and kowiki~) (wmf.18`) and in betalabs.

  1. On Homepage-Suggested edits module, select many (around 10) topics and several difficulty filters.
  2. See the results - the navigation between articles is fine.
  3. Open the topic filters and de-select one filter. Click to navigate to a different article - "No suggestions found" card would be displayed briefly, and then, a next in article will be successfully fetched.

The event is recorded with


The "No suggestions found" card is also displayed when few filters (~3) are removed or added at once.

(click on the animated gif below).

no_suggestions_found_card_display.gif (650×1 px, 329 KB)

Event Timeline

That's because navigation happens before the tasks have been retrieved. So this is basically T238171: Newcomer tasks: slow loading time for suggested edit module.
We could generalize T238231: Newcomer tasks: show skeleton screen while loading so it can be used without knowing the title and task type and, and apply it in such cases, but IMO it's not a good use of time.

This will be addressed by the changes for T297660: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'task.token'), which will prevent the navigation from occurring until the task feed is updated.