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Automatic conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese
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Author: yuanml

Current Chinese language speakers use two different writing systems - simplified and
traditional Chinese. Automatic conversion between them is critical for the future of
Chinese Wikipedia. Current conversion tools such as libiconv convert characters between
two different encodings, but situation we face now is a conversion inside Unicode.
Unicode is include both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. for most
simplified and traditional Chinese characters there exist a one-to-one mapping, but
there still are about 100 pairs of simplified and traditional Chinese characters which
are not one-to-one, and there is no space between two adjacent words in a Chinese
sentence. So completely automatic conversion need some AI features, and is difficult,
but we can introduce some kind of new markup to solve the problem.

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zhengzhu wrote:

I have been working on this issue lately, and will probably continue to work on
it for a while. There is a test site for this at

This was implemented some years ago. :)