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Character recommendation validator
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For Kiwix, we recently had a few lintings errors with exported translations, due to the following,

  • Replace straight quotes with directional quotes
  • Hyphen can be replaced with m-dash
  • Ellipsis string can be replaced with ellipsis character


The occurrences of this could be resolved, if we add a RecommendationValidator, that when translators use a certain set of characters... it recommends them to replace it with another set. This validator could also be made insertable.

Note that these should not be added for all languages, and only for certain languages. This means we've to update the validator framework, to take as input, the languages that have to be skipped. See -

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@abi_ Does ReplacementValidator cover this use case?

@abi_ Does ReplacementValidator cover this use case?

Yes this would fulfill the needs of this task although we don't have insertables with the ReplacementValidator. I or @Wangombe will submit a patch.