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Can the extension social rewarding be enabled on a small wiki like sewp?
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Author: vacuum

The extension for social rewarding may be an interesting option for small wikis struggling to get working community. Without sufficient interest there will not be many active users, and without enough active users no community will emerge.

Various kinds of social rewarding may be a simple yet efficient way to initiate a community. By visualizing which ones are active we will increase the interest somewhat, perhaps enough that an initial community will start to emerge.

There are one extension called SocialRewarding ( which may be sufficient for test purposes. Unfortunately it seems like it have some load issues. Still in a wiki that is rather small, like the one at Northern Sami language (, it may not be a very big issue. Later when the community exists the extension may be turned off. Until then it seems to be an important asset.

What needs to be done with this extension before it can be enabled on sewp?


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vacuum wrote:

The extension was made as part of the work «social rewards» at University of Wien: Hoisel, Bernhard; ''Motivate Online Community Contributions Using Social Rewarding Techniques''. (


[[WP:NOT]] Myspace. Besides:

vacuum wrote:

Use of Google API can be turned off, so this should not be an issue. Hacking of base code would be a show stopper though..

Identifiable points of low quality in the code would be helpfull. Some time back I looked at parts of the code and found some issues, but given the size of sewp I don't think they are really serious.


vacuum wrote:

Besides, why do you link to WP:NOT? Can you please explain why? This seems completely out of context.


Looking at the discussion page, it doesn't seem to even work with the current version of MediaWiki.