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In this diff was converted to

This should not happen for a couple reasons. uses a different capture and rendering engine it is sometimes more accurate than Wayback, it is often a go-to site for when Wayback doesn't work or doesn't work well. There is also the issue of content drift, converting from provider to another shouldn't be done arbitrarily unless there is a compelling reason as it can cause content drift. Users who create links may do so for a reason and their decisions should be given priority unless there is a reason to change via bot (site is going down, has known bad archives, link not working).

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Is any progress being made on this?

@Kailash29792 Are you still seeing problems? I tried running the bot on this test page and it did nothing, left it alone, which is not right either but better than before.

Sadly, I am still experiencing such problems. Here is proof.

There are seven (known) domains:, .fo, .li, .today, .vn, .md, .ph

The bot does not recognize all of them so it sees the URL as being invalid and converts it to Wayback.

The problem can be seen here:
Line # 2493

@Cyberpower678 this looks like a simple fix..? The alternative is I write a bot that searches for the missing three (md ph vn) and converts them to .today but it would only work on Enwiki and seems easier to add the lines to IABot.

Green_Cardamom added a comment.EditedTue, Mar 17, 5:43 PM

I wrote a small bot that will run perpetually (3x week) on enwiki until the IABot bug is fixed. It converts archive.(ph|md|vn) to but only when the URL is short not long form. Looks to be about 700 to begin with and each day 0-5 perhaps. On Tools in /data/project/botwikiawk/atoday

Is there any place where there's a discussion of "best practices" for creating links?