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Reenable tests for
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See discussion on GitHub
I would be in favor of just enabling Travis for and make use of the existing pipeline, which is IMHO good enough for what we are doing.
@Pchelolo already tried to enable Travis but he does not seem to have permissions either.

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I'm seeing if I can enable Travis for that repo. However they seem to have changed the process and it's a bit of messy right now.

@Physikerwelt I think I have enabled back tests via the legacy Travis CI integration page. I think this is being deprecated in favour of GitHub actions which I'm not familiar with though. The current PR is not being tested. I created a draft test PR and it started to build so I guess if you want checked you'll need to amend the patch to trigger a build, unless there's another way.

I'd be happy to help migrate from Travis to GHActions if that's wanted.

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@MarcoAurelio thank you. Works great.

@Jdforrester-WMF for me Travis works fine. But if most people prefer GHActions we can also migrate to that service. I am flexible in this regard. However, I have a preference for self-serviced CIs.