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Split Bali script locale from "ban" (Balinese)
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The "ban" (Balinese) locale is officially in Bali script, but in practice nearly all messages are in Latin script and most of the articles on ban.wikipedia too.

We don't yet have any serious amount of editors on Wikimedia wikis using the Bali script, but we may want to host Bali script works on Wikisource, which is best done with the correct content language code.

So we have two options:

  1. codify the status quo: decide that "ban" is Latin-only and Bali script doesn't fit in it;
  2. allow both scripts: create ban-Latn and ban-Bali; move all messages to ban-Latn; make ban "redirect" to ban-Latn; at some point replace the outdated language code on Wikimedia configuration.

I'd go for (2), although it's a bit of a hassle.

(Cc MF-W for LangCom FYI.)

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