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Add input method for ban-Bali (Balinese in Bali script)
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The Balinese Wikipedia (ban.wikipedia) has some pages in Bali script, linked manually from the corresponding Latin script pages. However most users don't know how to write in Bali script and don't have the necessary tooling.

On Wikisource however we'd need to be able to transcribe old works in Bali script using their actual script, so it's useful to help users do that. uses ICU transliteration data with some Node binding, see:

I don't see the mapping upstream though:



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I've gave an online training for the various Indonesian local languages community on how to make their own input method. The workshop was attended by several contributors from the Balinese community. PDF training can be accessed here:

Hopefully somebody from the community can create the input method in Balinese. (it's rather simple)