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Explore adding Global UNESCO Natural Reserve Data
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A general import of Natural Reserves (globally?)

  • Get access to CC-0 data from Unesco?
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There's a mix n match for biosphere reserves, albeit a couple years old (there are 701 reserves as of now): It means there are items for at least those reserves that existed ad 2016. They can be identified through the UNESCO url property:

Having looked at some of the items at random… Many lack basic information that is included on the UNESCO website, like size of area and year of designation. So there's a potential to add a lot of value through the official data.

Email sent to Peter Dogsé

The only worldwide protected area database that I know of is run by UNDP,

I'm not sure what data UNESCO has, @NavinoEvans imported the Biosphere Reserves data a few years ago and its a bit complicated and has some issues