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Publish data on editors per country for sister projects
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Related to T131280. The geoeditors data should be published for non-Wikipedia projects as well, with the same constraints. This could either be added to the same datasets, or a separate one could be established.

Pinging @Milimetric, who in T131280#5423066 first set it up to only include Wikipedia data. Milimetric, just to make sure, is there any particular reason why non-Wikipedia data can't be published, or was it limited to Wikipedia just to simplify things for the first step?

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cchen moved this task from Triage to Tracking on the Product-Analytics board.Feb 18 2020, 6:22 PM
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Milimetric closed this task as Declined.Feb 20 2020, 5:48 PM

We limited the release to Wikipedias because there was a compelling use case. Folks involved with grants and programs needed that data for their day-to-day work, and we were making it available to them in private for a long time before we were able to understand the privacy implications and release publicly. We would need a similarly compelling use case to broaden the release, because the trade-off of value vs. privacy risk is always a consideration. Happy to reconsider given such use cases.