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Wikidata edits are not being picked up at all
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We have an article scoped program where Wikidata is tracked that started over 24 hrs ago, but no edits have been logged yet. No Wikidata edits show up in the Activity tab (or Edit data dump) either, regardless of whether they're in the scope or not:

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I'm looking into this; I've added update debugging for this program to see if I can learn what might be going wrong. My guess at this point is that the very large collection of articles from PetScan is pushing the system beyond what it can handle, but I'm not yet sure where the bottleneck is exactly.

Ragesoss claimed this task.

I'm not sure what was going wrong previously, as it looks like it's been updating without any obvious errors since yesterday. It might have been a problem with the labs replica database being overwhelmed.

I'll keep the debugging on for this for now, and close the issue. Please reopen it if you notice any further problems.