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Remove 'quick autoreviewed' entity tag
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Minor help on disk & remove minor annoyance

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IN digging into this I found that of the old 'system' for tagging for review we have the following tags in our system:

`SELECT,, count( as c FROM civicrm_entity_tag et RIGHT JOIN civicrm_tag tag ON WHERE LIKE '%reviewed%' AND < 30 GROUP BY ORDER BY c DESC;

17Quick autoreviewed10610860
16Autoreviewed - Unique0
22Manually reviewed - Revert address0
21Manually reviewed - Revert name0
20Manually reviewed - Revert email0
19Manually reviewed - Perform action0
23Manually reviewed - Revert language0

7 rows in set (2.62 sec)

In other words the 6 manual tags are not being used while around 10million contacts are tagged with Quick autoreviewed

I checked our codebase and we are not still assigning these tags & only 4 have been added since we turned logging on (presumably by user accident)
select * from log_civicrm_entity_tag WHERE tag_id =17 AND log_action = 'Insert' ORDER by log_date DESC LIMIT 10\G

ERGO I feel pretty confident doing the following

  1. untagging all contacts tagged with Quick autoreviewed
  2. deleting all references to the above from our audit log
  3. removing the 7 tags listed above

Ping @MBeat33 & @NNichols

We can't get a number on the DB reclaimed just yet though...