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The assistent role – from Evelina to Maria
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  • Fortnox
    • Show Fortnox (Genomgång av Fortnox)
    • Send and allocate invoices in Fortnox (Skicka in och kontera fakturor i Fortnox) x[] Receipts managament (kvittohantering)
    • Create invoice in Fortnox (Skapa faktura i Fortnox)
    • Create reports (Ta ut rapporter)
    • Move license (Ta över licens)

Other (Övrigt)

  • Autogiro
  • 90-konto
  • Giva Sverige
  • Nyhetsbrev
  • Paypal account
  • REB
  • Document registration (Diareföring)
  • Manage (Hantera
  • Insurances (Försäkringar)
  • New employee administration (Administration vid nyanställning)
  • Member system: administation, payments etc. (Medlemssystem: administrera, registrera betalningar m.m.)
  • Website
    • Matomo
    • The added css
    • Common updates
  • Phone
    • Change name of number on invoice and in Tele2 växel
    • Decide if it's worth changing the login name in Tele2 växel
    • Reset the phone
    • Add number as contact information on wiki