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Reply link is not showing up for a comment on
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to this page:

Observe that, there is no reply link for the comment from Xinpeijin [blabla] 15 juillet 2007 à 22
51 (CEST)

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Hmm, @matmarex, do you know why the issue Rummana is describing in the task description might be occurring?

My thought: the reply link is not being appended to this particular comment [1] because the author's signature is wrapped in <sup><small> </sup></small> tags. Although, when I wrapped my signature in those same tags [2], the reply link appeared as I expected it to.

  1. "Thanks Xinpeijin [blabla] 15 juillet 2007 à 22 51 (CEST)"

Well the formatting is super messed up, there's a newline in the middle of the timestamp (where a ':' should be).

The wikitext code for this comment is:

;Thanks [[Utilisateur:Xinpeijin|Xinpeijin]]<sup><small> &#91;[[Discussion Utilisateur:Xinpeijin|blabla]]&#93;</small></sup> 15 juillet 2007 à 22:51 (CEST)

I can see what happens here – we've accidentally generated a definition list markup.,_association)_lists

The line starts with ; (semicolon), as opposed to the usual : or *, which begins the definition "name". And the : (colon) later on the line, in the middle of the time (22:51), begins the definition "value". The wikitext parser doesn't understand that this part is a timestamp.

I don't think we can do anything to parse this comment. It's just an unfortunate rare wikitext mistake. (And good news is that it will be impossible to make this mistake with our tool.)

This makes sense – thank you for explaining what's going on, Bartosz.

I'm going to mark this as Declined considering we do not plan to address this issues.

Meta: Rummana, I'm glad you filed this and Bartosz thank you for being as thorough as you were in T245768#5907842. This explanation will come in handy when we do this: T245858: Publish replying 1.0 reliability evaluation on MediaWiki