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API warnings on VE save
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The following is in the response from the VE save API on live:
{"warnings":[{"code":"unrecognizedparams","html":"Unrecognized parameters: campaign, vetags.","module":"main"}]}

I don't know if campaign is still used (in the request it is set to empty string), but it is concerning that vetags is not recognised...

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The vetags one is being passed along for a onRecentChangeSave hook. campaign is doing similarly, but not in the VE extension itself. (You'd presumably also see dttags if you were examining a DiscussionTools save.)

I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is -- it's an artifact of us passing unknown parameters through to the API request, and said behavior was added explicitly to support campaign (T209132) -- but they're not actually API parameters, so defining them as known to the API gets a bit arbitrary. And they're on hooks, so unsetting them after they're used wouldn't actually change the complaint.