slash in page title should not trigger subpage navigation on talk page
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If you have a talk namespace with sub-pages enabled, coupled with a content namespace with sub-pages disabled, you want the top level for the talk namespace to match the content namespace title.

i.e. [[AC/DC]] does not link to [[AC]], so neither should [[Talk:AC/DC]] link to [[Talk:AC]].

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And should [[Talk:AC/Archive 1]] link to [[Talk:AC]]?? How is the software supposed to know the difference? Note that "check if X page exists/doesn't exist" is not a good way to tell, even if you could come up with a consistent method. The amount of extra database load that would be added is entirely unjustified by the trivial usability improvement. Suggest WONTFIX.

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conrad.irwin wrote:

I workable work-around would be to provide a NOSUBPAGE keyword (I'd happily WONTFIX this if that was available). The extra database load should be negligable (it already checks for the existence of the super-pages) and I think that existence of the associated main page would be a pretty good heuristic (how likely is it to have a rock band named [[title/Archive]]? You could also provide SUBPAGE, just in case).

bzimport added a comment.Via ConduitFeb 26 2010, 9:50 AM wrote:

Now *that* is a more viable alternative. Existence of the associated main page is *not* a good heuristic: what do you do with [[File talk:AC/DC]]/[[File talk:AC/Archive 1]] if the file is on a shared repository and so the file page actually *doesn't* exist? Placing a NOTSUBPAGE behaviour switch on the page to trigger not-subpage-ness would work, although it would need to propagate to sub-subpages... Maybe page_props?

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