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Table rendering bug : extra </center> tags break table columns
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Including a stray </center> tag within a table cell (within a wikitable, that
is) will ruin multicolumn formatting (in a rather hard-to-localize way).

Version: 1.3.x
Severity: normal



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Sj created this task.Sep 12 2004, 6:16 AM

We are not going to implement fix for user errors. Just don't enter
the additional </center> tag.

jeluf wrote:

The additional </center> breaks XHTML validity.

wmahan_04 wrote:

I'm having trouble reproducing this--could someone make a test case?

zigger wrote:

I don't know if this matches the original reporter's issue, but here's a test
case with an unmatched </center>. In v1.4-prealpha/HEAD it produces an escaped
</center> after a left-aligned "a", while in v1.37wm the cell just has a
left-aligned "a". The unmatched <center> ("d") renders ok in both, but in the
XHTML becomes an unmatched <div> in v1.4-prealpha/HEAD, while v1.37wm has
matched div tags.



The way we fix tags is wrong, there is a preg_replace using a
set of rules:
<center> to <div class="center">
</center> to </div>

I replaced that to replace blocks instead like:
<center>.*</center> to <div class="center">\1</div>

Unmatched <center> or </center> alone will no more be replaced.