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toolforge: Consider installing python-passlib on grid hosts
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I use Ansible to provision my Toolforge tools.

Sometimes, Ansible modules require additional Python packages.

The tool I am currently preparing is a PHP application, using the lighttpd websever. I need to have an auth backend to protect the admin interface, and settled for a BasicAuth.

A way to manage this using Ansible would be to use the htpasswd modules. This however requires python-passlib to be available on the target node.

Of course, I can use Ansible to create a virtual environment and install the necessary packages in there, but there’s a certain chicken/egg problem: Ansible needs to use the interpreter in the virtualenv, but Ansible must create that virtualenv (and I tried /really/ hard to play around with the PATH [like here] but I don’t think this actually possible work).

So, to save me the trouble, I thought I’d just ask: would it be acceptable to install python-passlib on the grid nodes? :-) (If not, that’s okay, I can live without)

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