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Link to Special:Categories should be customisable
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Author: apb

When an article belongs to one or more categories, there's a box that
contains links to the categories that this article belongs to. The
first item in this box is a link to [[Special:Categories|Categories]],
and it appears that this is hard coded (at least, a search for "Special:
Categories" in [[:en:Special:Allmessages]] returned no results).

Please add a new message in the Wikimedia namespace that can be used to
customise this link. For example, some wikipedias might want this link
to go to a help page or a human-edited overview of categories, instead
of to a machine-generated list of categories.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 6:53 PM
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Michael.Keppler wrote:

*** Bug 489 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

jimmy.collins wrote:

patch against trunk (r14404)

Attached you will find a patch with following changes:

  1. Link [[Special:Categories]] in Skin.php is now set by a message

'categorybarlink' and thereby customizable in [[Special:Allmessages]] if

  1. The message 'categories' until now was twice used by Skin.php (see above)

and [[Special:Categories]] (displayed as page title). Now it is possible to
localize it better then before because there are no more dependencies. When
changed to "All categories" f.e. it is analogue to 'allpages' (All pages) and
looks better in the list on [[Special:Specialpages]].

This patch introduces the following new messages:
'categorybartext' (cloned from 'categories')
'categorybarlink' (should be localized only by Special:Allmessages)
'categorybar' (should not be localized)


jepe wrote:

I changed the priority to 'High', because this is an important issue for several
years, and there is already a patch made some months ago.

On category pages in big wikis it is linking to a page with only the first 50
categories from thousands of categories. So most visitors are directed to a
useless page when they are searching for other categories.

In my opinion the best page to link it to is the root category. On most wikis
you can find there an index and other info about the category system.