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Newly generated video doesnt have timed text.
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Bring over "timed text" (will need to adjust the timing if parts of the video have been cut)

The tool is not bringing the timed text, That would be nice if it also brings the trimmed text from the old derived file.

See here doesn't have timed-text but this has timed text.

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TJones renamed this task from Newly generated video doesnt have timmed text. to Newly generated video doesnt have timed text..May 8 2020, 8:42 PM

I would believe this is a manual operation, since the video frames and the the timestamps change...

  • Once the timestamps are generated again, text can be manually copy/pasted?
  • Does there exist a tool to autogenerate the timestamps based on video frames?

@Geertivp you are right, after digging little deeper I couldn't think of anything else now.