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"editor=wikieditor" no longer works in Page Forms for MW 1.34 and higher
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. install and enable pageforms and wikieditor
  2. create a form just with some sections, set section syntax with editor=wikieditor ,e.g. {{{section|History zone|editor=wikieditor|level=1}}}
  3. create a page with the created form
  4. edit the page with edit with form
  5. the wikieditor doesn't show up

Actual Results:
the wikieditor didn't show up in section textarea.

Expected Results:
the wikieditor should show up

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Hi, this works for me, what version of Page Forms are you using? I think this is related to this bug:, which should be already fixed in the last version of Page Forms.

I am using PageForms 0.5.2 and mediawiki1.34. The solution you sent me not work. but I fixed by my own solution.

What version of Page Forms are you running? I assume it's not 0.5.2.

my solution works for me, but didn't consider downward compatibility issue,

Ran into the same problem. Using version PF 4.9.1 and MW 1.34 -- the patch works for me.

Change 575006 had a related patch set uploaded (by markahershberger; owner: markahershberger):
[mediawiki/extensions/PageForms@master] fix WikiEditor not showing in textarea when editor=wikieditor

What version(s) of MediaWiki is the current code not working with? And what versions of MediaWiki does this new version of the code work with?

MediaWiki 1.34+ ... 5e55aeed71 is what my branch says

The important change, though, is probably this one in WikiEditor: d23d096

Okay, so "editor=wikieditor" stopped working with the latest version of WikiEditor in August 2019, and then there was a change to MediaWiki in March 2020 that possibly made it worse. But does this new code work with older versions of WikiEditor and MediaWiki?

I don't know. I haven't tested it. But I doubt it.

Yaron_Koren renamed this task from WikiEditor not show up in PageForms Section Textarea to "editor=wikieditor" no longer works in Page Forms for MW 1.34 and higher.May 21 2020, 3:07 PM
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I believe this now works again, with the latest code for both Page Forms and WikiEditor.