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Commons search autocomplete dropdown shows zero results and no "containing…" option
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When searching on Commons (regardless of the wpwbmi-search-suggestions preference setting), it doesn't seem to be possible any more to get the "containing…" option in the autocomplete dropdown.

It might just be me, but it's annoying not to be able to ctrl-click on the 'containing…' option to open the search results in a new window.

This is what it looks like on Commons (note the grey line under the search input box):

search-commons.png (69×342 px, 3 KB)

And this is what a similar search looks like on Wikivoyage (or any other wiki):

commons-search.png (96×343 px, 6 KB)

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This was due to the first of many purposeful changes to the way search on Commons works. Overall, it has been received well, and the upcoming MediaSearch will change things even further.

The main difference is that autosuggested items now do fulltext searches instead of defaulting to category/gallery pages, so there's no longer a need for "containing...". And ctrl+click on an autosuggested item still works.