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Generate template parameter alignments for the selected small wikis II
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Similar to T227183, generate template parameter alignment for following language pairs (Part of CX-BOOST - Compatible (meet the criteria):

Run: 1

  • en->af
  • en->bs
  • en->gu
  • en->is
  • en->kn
  • en->lv
  • en->mk
  • en->mr
  • en->ne
  • en->pa
  • en->sw
  • en->te

Run 2:

  • en->gl

Run 3:


Content Translation's automatic template parameter mapping across languages is improved for multiple small Wikipedias.

Event Timeline

KartikMistry triaged this task as Medium priority.

Being delay due to errors I'm getting with notebook. Working on it.

I have generated json files for few pairs and testing them with common templates.

Some blockers:

  • Wikidata connection is timing out, will keep trying this, as it is important for last step (getting Template prefixes)
  • en+es vectors model can't be load together, probably memory issue. So, keeping (es, gl) step once first run is complete.

All pairs are generated in Run 1 and 3 are available for review at:

Working on database update now.

Number of alignments from this run

  • en->af: 47
  • en->bs: 147
  • en->gu: 6
  • en->is: 31
  • en->kn: 2
  • en->lv: 110
  • en->mk: 27
  • en->mr: 50
  • en->ne: 1
  • en->pa: 1
  • en->sw: 9
  • en->te: 3
  • en->gl: 177
  • es->gl: 110


Example templates:

  • en->gl:
    • Template:Infobox political party
    • Template:Cite book
  • es->gl:
    • Plantilla:Cita web
    • Plantilla:Ficha de composición musical

Change 597270 had a related patch set uploaded (by KartikMistry; owner: KartikMistry):
[mediawiki/services/cxserver@master] Update templatemapping database

Change 597270 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/services/cxserver@master] Update templatemapping database

Change 597999 had a related patch set uploaded (by KartikMistry; owner: KartikMistry):
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Update cxserver to 2020-05-22-083137-production

Change 597999 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Update cxserver to 2020-05-22-083137-production

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-05-25T04:11:21Z] <kart_> Updated cxserver to 2020-05-22-083137-production (T246317, T252871)