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Groups are not removed in MW if the attribute is not existing
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Hi there again,

I found another bug.

I added a group mapping between my identity provider and the service provider. It works fine, but when I remove the user from the group (on the identity provider) the group is only removed in MediaWiki if the SAML attribute is still exisiting (becuase there is another entry). If it was the only entry of the SAML attribute, the user is not removed from the group on MediaWiki side because the attribute is no more provided by the service provider.

Kind regards

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@Markus.T Thank you for the report.

@Osnard Do you have any thoughts on this?

I can confirm this. I have added a UnitTest to check the behavior and also added a fix:

All UnitTests pass, so @cicalese it's up to you to merge it.

Sorry for the delay! It is now merged. I bumped the version number and tagged the release.

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