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CSVLoader skips titles of pages that have more than one word
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Description | For some reason. CSVLoader constantly skips pages that have two words and a hyphen in between.

Sometimes it works with that and sometimes it doesn't. Here I have images of the settings I've made.

Is it an AutoWikiBrowser error? I haven't moved anything to the configuration and I just followed the steps of

AWB version 6.101
CSVLoader version

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I don’t know if the author of the plugin is here. I would suggest posting on the Wikipedia talk pages too...

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I have released a new version of CSVLoader to resolve this issue. Please try and let me now.

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@Hispano76 did you download the new version and copy it to the root folder under AWB? An easy way for you to fix this issue is to replace "_" in the first column with space.

Just noticed you had marked this resolved.