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Design Jade pilot deployment plan with the Scoring Platform team
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What is the problem?

We'd like to deploy Jade -- a system for tracking ORES mistakes, for helping patrollers coordinate their work, and for training ORES to work better.

See T183381: Deploy pilot of Jade to a small set of wikis. for more information about what we hope to deploy.

How can we help you?

We'd like to reach out to Wikipedians on 2-4 smaller (not top 10) wikis and recruit some locals to help us communicate about the deployment and the potential benefits to the community. We'd also appreciate advice on best practices for outreach and deployment.

There's a lot of documentation we'll need to write and get translated so we're interested in direction and review of the documentation.

What does success look like?

We deploy Jade to 2-4 wikis and the communities on those wikis know what it is for and we understand what is and is not working for them so we can make some iterations.

What is your deadline?

We'd like to deploy at least one iteration addressing concerns raised by the end of the FY (June 30th). That means we'd like to have the pilot deployment complete before the end of April.

Event Timeline

Thanks for filing this, Aaron. I plan to have this resourced for you within the next week.

@Halfak Trying to get an understanding of the situation. If I understand the tickets properly, you want to find wikis that already use ORES. Is there a list for that?

I'm aware of but not sure it's up to date, and not 100% sure what indicates what in regards to check the definition of being a community that uses ORES for patrolling.

Right now, we'd like to target any wiki that has a check mark in the "Advanced support"/"Model" column. I understand we have some product ambassadors for cswiki, kowiki, and arwiki. I wonder if those would be good candidates. I have a contact who patrols a lot for Simple English, so we might want to target those too.

It's true. The ores-support-checklist is updated daily

@Halfak I'll start poking a few persons next week to see if I can interest them in this.

This comment was removed by Johan.

I talked to @Adotchar who I worked with to set up ORES for Simple English Wikipedia. He liked the idea of Jade and suggested we make a post at

I should note that @Adotchar also raised concerns about adding extra work for patrollers so I think our post should talk about integrations with existing tools. He also mentioned that he uses SWViewer to patrol on most projects so I've looked into that tool a bit. It's missing both ORES and Jade integrations but it's a good candidate. It seems to be focused mostly on small wikis. We have some ORES support for small wikis and we can bring support to other languages via Jade.

For simplicity, because I can keep an eye on it, I asked if @Ainali would be willing to help on Swedish Wikipedia, and he was interested. Also checked in with User:Yger, one of our most active patrollers, who showed interest but preferred to let Ainali take the lead.

Working in Swedish Wikipedia would be great. Thanks @Ainali for your interest in helping out. @Johan, I just updated the "request for help" document with some details so that is ready for your review.

(The deployment schedule for this has been pushed back, as many other things right now, which is why this is moving forward slower than planned.)

@Johan! We're back and we've got a working pilot that we're ready to deploy. Shall we move forward with posting the proposals on Swedish and Simple English wikis?

I just update the request for help document with a proposed posting to start the discussion about deployment.

Here are some sample postings for Swedish and Simple English Wikipedias

@Ainali, would you be interested in helping us translate the Swedish version? I'd also be interested in any feedback, questions, or even bold edits you would like to make :)

I'm thinking about the best place to get feedback about Jade. Would it be OK to send people to [[:mw:Jade]] for discussion or would it be better to make a page on the local wiki called [[Wikipedia:Jade]] or something like that?

I think we're far more likely to get feedback on a local page. Whenever we try to send people to a different wiki, we lose most of the feedback. The typical situation when being asked for feedback on Meta or is that editors start a local discussion on the page where the link was posted, preferring to discuss locally even if the feedback might never be reported.

Sounds like we should create [[Wikipedia:Jade]] on the local wikis who are open to participating in the pilot and we should link to [[mw:Jade]] prominently on that page so that people don't feel like they need to duplicate documentation.

Sure! I'll start translating.

What from mw:Jade would be useful on a Wikipedia:Jade page?

Good question. I'm thinking that I should put together a short blurb on MediaWiki that would be recommended content for such a page. I think we'll want to have a brief explanation of "Proposals", "Endorsements", and "Preferred" status of a label so people know what they are getting into with Jade. I just worked on I think we'll want something like that. I'll try to get something together shortly.