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Tool "wikistats" broken due to symlinking to content outside of /data/project/wikistats
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The $HOME/public_html for the wikistats tool is a symlink to /home/gedda/dist. Traversal of this symlink to a Toolforge user's home directory does not work on the 2020 Kubernetes cluster because the Toolforge /home NFS share is not mounted into Kubernetes containers. This mount was not available on the legacy Kubernetes cluster either, so I'm not sure why this has not been noticed previously by the tool's maintainers.

A simple fix would be to copy the public_html content into the tool's home directory.

Event Timeline

Per T173066 I believe the tool is unmaintained

Per T173066 I believe the tool is unmaintained

Was this tool an early attempt at solving T120497: Pageview Stats tool? says that you are a maintainer @Lokal_Profil. I think that @Egedda is the other listed maintainer?

If the tool is truly abandoned by both of you, then the process at Toolforge (Tools to be deleted) would be the next proper step to take.